What car wax is the best to choose.

waxWaxing on the body of the car allows you to have shine, and forming film protects the body from the environment.
The wax in the form of a spray.

Advantages: low price and quick application process (spray on dry, clean surface and rub with a soft cloth or chamois leather.

Disadvantages: weak protective film, which is washed off after 1-2 washes.
Liquid Wax (hot).
Advantages: the effect lasts longer than the spray-wax.
Disadvantages: more complex application process (uniformly sprayed liquid wax on the body after washing, wait 3-5 minutes until dry, remove the accumulation of wax with water or cloth.
Solid (hard, in paste form) wax.
Advantages: durable coating that will last for several months.
Disadvantages: long coating process. (apply a hard wax on a clean and dry surface, body is polished).
Synthetic wax (liquid and solid).
Advantages: the effect remains for 5-6 months.
Disadvantages: high cost.