Choice of battery for car.

Your battery has ceased to function, the car does not start. Is it time to buy a new battery? What you need to know to select it correctly. To do this, you will need to know some information: its capacity, size and location of terminals.

battery car

To find out the battery capacity, you can just look at the old battery, or read a book on the use of the car, or to view information on the Internet. The unit of capacitance measurement is amp / hours. Select of the battery should be strictly according to its stated capacity. If the capacity is less, then the battery will be recharged regularly, and it will fail, and if it is larger in capacity, the generator will not be able to fully charge, which also have a negative impact on it. Typically, manufacturers set the interval capacitance values within 5 a / h.
Also important is the location of the battery terminals. Look, where is the positive wire of the vehicle, and where the negative one. With the same arrangement of the terminals you should buy a new battery.