Dodge Charger hideaway headlight

Sure everyone. So been a little off Dondon video now recently got a request from one of my followers. Is. Having issues with his headlight though doors actually opening at. Duffy gonna make a article to help anybody out there has the charger the hat without away headlights. Now they’re from the far wall. I’m here right above the booster there are 3 backing minds going and those. Go into the back of the dodge Charger headlight switch. And This is one of the lines right here goes down to the vacuum canister which is underneath the battery box.

Dodge Charger headlightYour battery tray. And then there’s 2 more and that the other 2 are right here. Which took up to the harness le not really harness I don’t know I don’t know really what you call it. But hook up to the vacuum hook up for the headlight doors. This one right here. Passenger side it’s there’s wrapped up with the with the 2010 dodge charger headlight wiring all right there. And this woman just comes in and this hooks directly after the other headlight actuator which is which is that which is on the bottom. And I would have been of Alice having a problem with mine. But I didn’t feel it replaced in the whole line. So I got some heat shrink tubing that just fit over a lan because my back in line with that cracked and like himand about and about for fireplace.

I got some heat shrink tubing that just fit on the line. Extended out about an inch 0.5 to inches. And. Shark get on there and put it back on and now I’m not having more problems. They have if you’re having any issues first thing I would check is all these vacuum lines. Get a get some new pieces to splice in line like from. This motor car from the actuator. Hook it up to right here. That way you can test it to see if the if it’s good and if it starts workingthen you know that’s the piece that you at your place and so on so forth. But I found a lot of these older vehicles that have how do we had to have the hideaway Charger headlights that are vacuum operated. Their vacuum lines are deteriorated like I’m sure mine are and I’m sure I will have.

Problems in the future but right now I’m not I’m not I’m not having any problems. But if all your vacuum lines don’t have any cracks in it then you’re probably most likely having problems inside the car. With the Charger headlight switch on a futuristic assigned. So that yeah you’re most likely having problems on the inside if all the vacuum lines look right. Or your vacuum canister underneath the battery tray could have a hole in it like if you if it car sat for a little while. And you’re just you’re just trying to get it working you could have had a rough tall creep up in your vacuum canister so. That’s all factors that you need to look at.

Your your headlights headlight doors. Working and also. Visit for awhile to get kids could have some dirt dauber nest like lie lie like I had on here. There was a mass of dirt armor nest on these headlight doors that was actually preventing it from opening properly. So first thing you do is check make sure they open properly by the side mechanically like move it with your hand it’s not gonna hurt them vacuum motors any. Make sure they both open just fine and then just goes. Start start your check in from there. But that hope that help anybody having having any issues so clear later.