What is the parking camcorder?

parking camcorderThe problem of “where to park” for the car owners in major cities for a long time is not worth it. You need to park where it is allowed and there is free space. Or at least a hint of it. Experienced drivers will contrive to squeeze your car in the distance of a couple of centimeters from adjacent machines. This art of parking is difficult and risky.

In this connection, manufacturers of car accessories have come up with excellent solution to the problem of parking in a lack of space. The result of their work was the release of the automotive market rear-view camera, or parking video camera. What is the parking camcorder?

Its predecessor was the usual portable video camera, only more functional. The features of the rear-view cameras are that their viewing angle starts at one hundred and thirty degrees, and accordingly, you will be able to perfectly see any obstacle, and automatic reversal mirror image, thanks to which the left or right are items you will see it on the left or right. For orientation in the twilight the rear view camera is provided with an infrared image pickup range.