2012 Hyundai Accent test drive and review

It’s hard to believe this sharply styled car is a Hyundai accent the 2012 is totally new and confirmation that Hyundai now knows that American car buyers want when it comes to styling and features earlier accents were forgettable and boring not so with the 2012. With this new vehicle and looks very exciting it even when the vehicle standings they’re all it feels like it’s in constant motion and it’s as a tremendous design and we anticipate it’s gonna be just as successful as sonata and Elantra the new subcompact accent comes into styles a 4 door sedan that starts ¬†and a 5 door hatchback which starts at an additional 2150.

accentThe thing I love about the accent 5 door if it has a ton of room back here open up the hats looked down the 6040 split rear seat any of got more cargo space in there that any other car in its class in fact Warren then in infinity EX 35 which is a fairly big crossover. We tested a top of the line Essie 5 door which starts at 15795 with the manual automatics are grand more notes there is no difference in fuel economy between the accents with a stick or an automatic it is the only 5 passenger with the conventional gasoline engine to get 30 miles per gallon city, and 40 miles per gallon highway it’s only vehicle in the industry to do that the front wheel drive accent gets a more powerful engine 138 horses which beats fiesta, fit, versa and even the bigger corolla designers had fun with the interior the fabric on our Essie had a circle design that picked up on the circle shape of the window switches. Designers found room for a sliding armrest no other subcompact has won the glove box is huge biggest of any sub compact we found that there was a surprising amount of leg room in the back seat and because of that hatch back design headroom was decent to.

For safety a lot of high strength steel is used in the accent and the doors are reinforced to protect those inside from side impact. On the road wind noise is kept to a minimum with special connectors on the outside mirrors who would have thought there was volcanic rock in the window pillars turns out it’s tough and easy to clean an engineer slipped a little sound deadening behind them to forget the fake wood Hyundai what with glossy piano black in the S. he’s trim that surrounds the sound system it by the way is available with a 172 what’s system with FM radio the steering electric which saves fuel and the turning circle is tighter than versifi it and fiesta. New lights are also installed HID – Hyundai Accent headlight assembly best price on website.

In our short test of the 2012 accent we found it to have an excellent 6 speed transmission steering was predictable well not the Sportist the ride was pleasant but a major road at perfection can produce a pretty unpleasant clunk inside and while we like the spoiler on the 5 door ES and its rear windshield wiper that styling does compromise visibility out the back. But Hyundai has given the accent impressive fuel economy much improved engineering and distinctive styling all at a price that undercuts most of not all competitors it’s been a winning formula with the sonata and Elantra and I suspect it will be with the 2012 accent too I’m Scott Noel.